Sun Movement – Kenya also joined the global Scaling-Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement in 2012, and has since set up various SUN networks (Government Network, UN Network, Civil Society Alliance, Business Network, Academic Network) who are linked to the ACSM structures and actively involved in advocacy and media actions.  Find out more information at:

Advocacy and Media Resources

The following materials have been developed for use in advocacy work:


Food Fortification

  • The Business Sense in Food Fortification leaflet (Food Fortification Conference 2015)
  • Food Fortification Q&A brochure (Food Fortification Conference 2015)
  • Flour Fortification Q&A brochure (Food Fortification Conference 2015)

Media Coverage

  • Nutritional issues Media Coverage Report (May 2014   June 2015)

Right to Nutrition

  • Citizens  Right to Good Nutrition leaflet (National Nutrition Week 2015)
  • Right to Nutrition: Duty Bearers Responsibilities sheet (National Nutrition Week 2015)

You have useful media and advocacy resources to add to this page?

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