The food security and emergency program seeks to Support implementation of strategic objective 4 of the Kenya National Nutrition Action Plan 2012-2017 This strategic objective focuses on effective disaster preparedness, response and management of nutrition emergencies. This calls for the need to harness all the required resources from all stakeholders to plan implement and monitor the response plan put in place.Nutrition Technical Forum (NTF) is the national coordinating structure for the food security and emergency nutrition program in the nutrition sector.

Priority areas

  • Review, develop and implement guidelines for disaster preparedness, response and management of nutrition emergencies.
  • Strengthen the capacity of county NTF to develop and implement emergency response plans
  • Create public awareness on the importance of nutrition in emergency at all level
  • Strengthen coordination mechanisms in emergency situations at national and county level
  • Strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems in emergency situations.
  • Strengthen logistics management and supply chain system for food and non-food items
  • Resource mobilization for timely response

Expected Outcome:  Timely and coordinated response to minimize consequences of emergency on health and nutritional status of affected populations