Development of the Kenya Nutrition ACSM Strategy

The first Nutrition ACSM Strategy in Kenya is almost finalised having undergone a comprehensive consultation process over the past 6 months.  The 60 page document provides a strategic framework to guide and harmonise ACSM activities in Kenya at both national and county levels over the next 5 years (2016-2020).  It provides detailed information on ACSM objectives, results, tactics, messages, partnerships and M&E, along with an overall implementation plan.  The strategy has been finalised and is now in the final process of approval so is expected to be officially launched in January 2016.

Development of the Nutrition Advocacy and Communications Toolkit

To accompany the ACSM Strategy an Advocacy and Communications Toolkit has been developed to provide sector actors with practical guidance for delivering ACSM interventions.  The toolkit contains details on planning Advocacy actions with specific references to the ACSM strategy and nutrition-specific examples.  Additionally, the document provides tips on key Advocacy and Communication tools such as writing press releases, blogs, policy briefs and much more.  The toolkit has been finalised and is now in the final process of approval and expected to be ready by January 2016.

ACSM support to the Nutrition Information Working Group

The ACSM working group meets monthly with the mandate to support the sector in coordinating and delivering ACSM actions.  Currently the ACSM working group is supporting the Nutrition Information Technical Working Group with improved communications and dissemination of sector information (via the website, newsletter, social media etc…).

For more information on ACSM actions or to get involved in the ACSM Working Group contact Lucy Wangari, Ministry of Health – Programme Manager Advocacy & Clinical Nutrition (

[1] Objective 8: To improve nutrition knowledge attitudes and practices among the population; Objective 9: To strengthen the nutrition surveillance, monitoring and evaluation systems; Objective 10: To enhance evidence-based decision-making through research; Objective 11: To strengthen coordination and partnerships among the key nutrition actors and mobilize essential resources.